Welcome to my Github stuff

I have a mixed bag of repos here, some actively maintained, some cloned for making a one-off pull request, and some forks that I never got around to doing anything to. Here are the interesting ones grouped by category.

Sublime Text 2 Plugins

Sublime Text 2 is a fantastic text editor available for all major platforms. I have some original work here, and some forks.

Sheet Music

I use Lilypond a lot for typesetting bagpipe music for The Murray Pipes and Drums. My music archive can be seen at svenax.net I also have a little Irish flute music in the Ceol Rince repo.

Zend Framework 1

Zend Framework 1 is still using Subversion for it's official repo. I have a git clone maintained with svn2git, that is updated once a day to keep it current. The clone omits history before r10000, since the Subversion repo had a completely different stucture from the start, and this confuses svn2git. I have also removed branches and tags before version 1.10. Stuff that old isn't updated anymore anyways, so if you need it, just get it directly from the Subversion repo.

I coded some support for database migrations loosely inspired by Ruby on Rails and Google Gears. I have not updated this for some time, but it is still pretty OK code.